CEO and Founder of Creator of The Equilibration Process / Brand Strategist / Keynote Speaker / Poet

As seen on ABC-TV, In The Huffington Post, and in the Hollywood feature film Discover The Gift with his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“You discover the greatness within you by finding the greatness all around you. You discover the greatness all around you by finding the greatness within you” – John castagnini

Eah of us holds within us greatness, a unique genius to contribute to society.As challenges enter our lives– our greatness can become obscured. It can even become so deeply hidden that one’s individual purpose may feel forgotten, even impossible to find.

Ultimately we all experience different challenges, because we all have unique emotional experiences of life.. Think of your emotions as a double edged sword. On the one hand, your emotions can blind you, causing you to make some pretty foolish decisions that we are all too familiar with. On the other hand, your emotions can offer you great insight into other people and even into understanding your own behavior.

The bottom line is, you are either hiding your greatness behind unresolved emotions or getting beyond your emotions and onto to living your greatness.

At, we explore an underlying inherent balanced state of inner peace that exists, beyond the volatility of your emotions. From a balanced state of inner peace. Thankfulness/ Grace, Gratitude, Inspiration) We see beyond the “emotional noise’ “in our life,. We call this, The Equilibration Conversation.

In this balanced state of inner peace we discover our greatness, our unique genius.Just like we as people have unique genius, so does a every great brand. As the CEO of, In having published hundreds of authors and speakers at every success level, it became clear that the truly successful entrepreneurs were the ones who were able to sort through the cloudiness surrounding their voice, to brilliantly discover their brand. As a brand strategist John helps entrepreneurs come to presence in order to reveal, create, develop and express their unique brand.
In his keynotes John discusses how to , transcend one’s emotional patterns in order to come to the presence of their greatness, a process he calls, Equilibration ™ .

John’s life is dedicated to providing premier education, writing, consulting , training and entertainment to open one’s mind and heart to the presence of their own greatness….