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Albert Einstein once stated, “Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish.”

So why do so few people seem to have so much power, influence, confidence and intelligence?

Many of the people who appear more empowered have allowed themselves to better honor their unique values. By honoring their unique values they allow themselves to express unique brilliance.


How can you, too, honor your unique values?

We honor our values by consistently appreciating more of who we are. At first glance that sounds simple enough. But how does anyone do it?

We all perceive the world uniquely. Even though everything around us exists in perfect balance, oftentimes we interpret our individual experiences as more positive or more negative, leading to corresponding emotions, these lopsided emotions caused by our perceptions are clues pointing to parts of ourselves we have not yet appreciated..

Like a magnet we attract these “lopsided” perceptions to ourselves over and over until we are able to balance them and in turn transcend our emotional pattern.

This is the process of appreciating – expanding – our being. As we balance our perceptions and transcend these emotional patterns we gain deeper insight into our own unique being.

Have you ever felt stuck in the same old relationship pattern? Have you ever felt like you kept repeating the same financial challenges?

When you finally overcome a pattern, what’s right around the corner?

You got it… another pattern!

The real question becomes, how long do you want to remain in the same pattern? Days? Months? Years? A lifetime?

Life is indeed a series of patterns, guided by our emotions. The key to transcending these patterns is to balance our lopsided perceptions and, expand our ability to appreciate. Appreciation is the key that unlocks the discovery of the unique brilliance you alone have to share with the world.

Deeper appreciation, greater value for oneself, the liberation of one’s magnificence, greatly impacts one’s self worth and in turn the wealth they allow into  their lives. You can have:

* Deeper more intimate relationships. * Increased Self Confidence. * Greater worth and wealth. * Overall well being. * Maximum performance. * Overcoming tragedies and fear.

Achieving any of the above is a result of addressing one’s perceptions in order to transcend their emotional patterns. John’s expertise is in consulting with others on how to discover these imbalanced perceptions, to break emotional patterns, and in turn achieve any of the above. From best selling authors, to world-class artists, to leading business experts, John has consulted leaders fall around the world to overcome just about any emotional challenge to achieve peak performance.

As the CEO founder of ThankGodi, John has overseen the publishing of hundreds of authors worldwide, including several best sellers. John has developed Thank God I into a premier digital publishing platform in personal/spiritual development.


~ John Castagnini

“‘Making Love with Poetry’ is more than just another insightful series of poems. It is a collection of meaningful messages from the depths of John Castagnini’s heart and soul. You cannot read these gems without contemplating the possibilities of your dreams and your infinite potential.”

- Dr John F. Demartini
Bestselling Author of The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Development