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As seen on ABC-TV, The Huffngton Post, and in the Hollywood feature film Discover The Gift with his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Human beings hold within themselves the potential to achieve true greatness– to live the inspired purpose they came here to share.
But at the same time– as emotional challenges enter people’s lives– living one’s soul-ful purpose is often obscured, even so deeply hidden that one’s mission may feel forgotten, even impossible to find.

So, how does one overcome “emotional noise” to hear the voice of inner genius?

Think of your emotions as double edged swords. On the one hand, your emotions can cause you to make some pretty foolish decisions that we are all too familiar with. Your emotions can even lead you towards many addictions. On the other hand, your emotions do offer you great insight into understanding your behavior.

The bottom line is, you are either running or being run by your emotions. Now, there is a way to move BEYOND your emotions, to a state of inner-peace, experienced as grace, here you can gain insight into your core essence.. Here is where your unique life’s purpose is revealed.

Your emotions are described as either “positive” or “negative”, “pleasurable” or “unpleaureable” At, we discuss an underlying inherent balance that exists, beyond the bias of our emotions. This discussion helps people see into a state of grace. Here in grace we see beyond our emotions, straight into our unique divine purpose. We actually begin to heal our hearts from a balanced state of Thankfulness for EVERY “emotional situation “in our life, .. We call this, The Equilibration Conversation.

Just like we as people have a core essence, so does a brand. In having published hundreds of authors and speakers at every success level, it became clear that the truly entrepreneurs were the ones who were able to sort through the cloudiness surrounding their ideas of business in order to brilliantly create their brand. As a brand creation strategist John helps entrepreneurs come to presence in order to reveal, create and develop their brand.

In his keynotes John discusses the process of balancing one’s perceptions, and, in the process, transcend one’s emotional patterns in order to come to presence.

My life is dedicated to providing premier information, education, and entertainment aimed at deepening our appreciation of ourselves and others and, ultimately, liberating each person’s unique genius and bringing us into the amazing grace of presence.

I look forward to an amazing journey into The Now together.