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Consulting Services

John has been consulting for Physician’s, Attorney’s, Professional Athletes, CEO’s, Teachers and others worldwide on personal and professional matters for over the past two decades. John makes himself available for private consultations. Sessions can be conducted via telephone and Skype, or in person as he tours internationally.


John’s Expertise:


Alleviating Stress or Trauma ( Depression, Anxiety, Grief, addiction..)

While stress and trauma is an individual personal experience,the many stressors and traumas hold one thing in common, they all challenge our emotions. Equilibration” is the premier technique John created which has empowered thousands of people worldwide to balance the emotions of stress and traumas to regain the balance of inner peace.

Emotions connection to Physical Dis-ease

Physical ailments are often accompanied by powerful emotional components. These emotional components can become a factor in healing. As a long time multi discipline martial artist, yogi, avid athlete, with a background in Chiropractic medicine, John shares tools for discovering the connections between physical well being and emotions that underlie many of our bodies’ “dis-eases” symptoms.

Find Your Purpose, Discover your, unique Genius and develop your Self-Worth

Nature does not replicate herself, Even Identical twins have different physical characters You hold within you a unique purpose and a unique genius. WIth the Equilibration technique John serves his clients to balance the many emotions that blind them to their purpose, to liberate their unique genius and in tune own their self worth.

Building Your Personal Business/Brand

During his twenty years in the personal development industry, John has strategized for multiple brands and businesses internationally, worked with or collaborated with industry luminaries and pioneered in creating a leading digital-based business publishing model as the CEO of John enjoys sharing his unique skills to reveal a brand’s identity, brilliantly express It’s unique selling proposition and wisely strategize to evolve a proper business model and resources to scale.


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Meet John Castagnini

John Castagnini is the Founder and CEO of, speaker and expert consultant on ( Equilibration ™) a skill used to bring the the emotions depression, grief, addiction, divorce, sexual abuse or any emotional trauma to balance and skilled brand strategists.

John’s controversial and iconoclastic thinking has put him at the forefront of the personal/spiritual development community.

The work John shares is the culmination of his personal pursuit of life’s big questions:

  • How does our universe really work, and how to we maximize our individual self as we evolve humanity.
  • How does one better understand and master the use of their mind and body to access their unique genius?
  • How does one clarify their individual purpose, live it and l build the wealth they would love in the process?
  • How does one discover and live a path of wisdom and their creative genius?

As a teenager, John started delving into philosophy, lyrics and writing poetry . “I was studying the martial arts, and I felt an innate energy I needed to understand.. As I read Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, and he spoke about the microcosm and the macrocosm, I could feel the expansion and contraction of my being tuning into the cosmos.

John was led to the healing arts where he attended Chiropractic school and completed a Biology degree. “Understanding the hidden wisdom of the Universe has been my pursuit,” he says. John set out to devour the great minds and the great mysteries with the hope of achieving deeper understandings to share the wisdom he discovered.

Along the journey John drew into his great friends who helped shape his vision: martial art’s masters Steve Picone and John Bracey, an Indian monk named Ramnick Chibur, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. John Demartini.

After years of study and serving others in transcending challenges a major turning point in John’s life occurred when his mother died.

“I was studying universal principles and emotions, for over fifteen years but when my mom – my best friend – died at age 56, my entire being was put to the test. At first I was furious and guilt ridden. I doubted everything I had learned. I realized that it was time to walk my walk. Seven days after mom transitioned I challenged myself to discover the ‘perfection/balance’ in her death. Within thirty days, after a miraculous experience, I became clear that the meaning of her life and her death were a creation of my own mind. Through her transformation, through my coming to terms with it, The Thank God I series was spawned,” – John says.

That new direction turned out to inspire the creation of Thank God I…®.

“In consulting with women who were abused , raped or molested, several of them came forward to express how they were finally thankful for what they went through… between these amazing women and what I learned from my own challenge, sharing appreciation became a life mission. The result was an inspired team of people working together to help one another evolve past their experience through appreciation ,” – John adds.

Rape, death, divorce, alcoholism…

Is it possible that, “ALL events are actually perfect?. We know that life doesn’t always ‘feel’ perfect. In fact half of our life will feel like complete crap! The perfection that exists is the perfect balance of experiencing positive and negative. Our challenge is in evolving past our illusions of positive or negative, to transcend judgment and appreciate in presence what is, as it is…”

John Castagnini was born in New York City, holds a degree in Biology from California State University, and attended Chiropractic school. Dedicated to uniting mind, body, heart, and spirit toward masterful expression,. John is the author of several books: Treasures Within – Meditation with a Friend (co-authored with Halley Elise), Making Love with Poetry, Between Angels and Demons, and How to Say I Love You in EVERY Language.

John has been featured on ABC-TV, in The Huffington Post, and was featured with his Holiness The Dalai Lama in the Hollywood feature film, Discover the Gift. John is the founder and CEO of, a brandl dedicated to sharing ThankGodi stories, expanding the understanding of equilibration helping people to balance their mind , body and lives’.

Thank God I… is a bestselling series that has published hundreds of authors around the world and has been endorsed by a plethora of leaders in the personal development field, including both creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, John is also a founding member and co-owner with Demian Lichtenstein and Rick Wake of Equilibrium Entertainment, a media company advancing cutting edge Hollywood entertainment.

“‘Making Love with Poetry’ is more than just another insightful series of poems. It is a collection of meaningful messages from the depths of John Castagnini’s heart and soul. You cannot read these gems without contemplating the possibilities of your dreams and your infinite potential.”

– Dr John F. Demartini

Bestselling Author of The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Development