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John says:

In the beginning there was Mom…

On January 9, 2005, my mom—the most important person in the world to me—suddenly left this planet.  Seven days after she left, I knew I had to find a way to share my appreciation for all she had meant to me before her passing.

I was at the airport, on the way to a workshop, and while boarding I had a flash of inspiration. I suddenly realized how to find closure and at the same time share with my mom just how much I loved her.  I would write a book expressing the sentiment “I love you” in every language—along with some thoughts on the subject.  And every page would be inspired by and dedicated to my mom.

Each time someone reads another page of this book, I am shouting, “I love you, Mom!”  I figured with millions of people sharing the message every day, she—along with every other mom—is certain to hear, “Mom, I love you.”