John’s Poetry

WHAT IS POETRY TO ME? Free here, I clearly express my feelings about the world and every day living. More importantly, I look at the events of my life and discover how they have affected my spirit. In turn I am able to understand myself and others at deeper levels. My angels and demons rule me as yours rule you. Hopefully my work will help you to find your angels and rule your demons.

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Millions of thoughts and words make our days and nights.

Hidden between them are the diamonds of life, the gems of the mind, and the jewels of the heart. Making Love with Poetry is special to me because every word is an extension of my mind getting closer to finding that shining diamond. Every poem is one dream closer to the buried treasures of the heart.

Every word is my gift from heaven. Every stroke of my pen truly is an extension of myself in understanding the laws that govern being. Eventually we come to see that being is love. Our lives become love in the making. These words are my expression in experiencing that being. They are my being; they are my heart; they are my making of love.

Making Love With Poetry is more than insightful, inspirational, and deeply philosophical series of poems. It is a collection of meaningful messages from the depth of John Castagnini’s heart and soul.

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