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John has been consulting with individuals on personal and professional matters for over the past decade. John makes himself available for one-on-one sessions as his schedule permits. Sessions can be conducted via telephone and Skype, or in-person following live events.


John’s Expertise:


Healing Your Heart

Equilibrated Thinking,” a technique John teaches, has empowered thousands worldwide to transcend emotional traumas and experience new freedom. The technique draws from multiple disciplines – i.e., physiology, psychology, theology, theoretical physics – and focuses on universal principles of how to rediscover balance in daily living.

Physical Dis-ease

Physical ailments often contain powerful emotional components. These emotional components can be determining factors in healing. With his background in chiropractic medicine, John shares tools for discovering and overcoming the emotional charges that underlie many of our bodies’ “dis-eases.”

Discover Your Genius – Your Sense of Self-Worth

“You’re not good enough… you can’t… you’ll never make it… don’t even try.“  We’ve all heard these stories from others, and even ourselves.  John’s antidote to limiting beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies: a “tell-it-like-it-is” style of personal coaching that jolts your thinking and leaves you saying, “Wow, I have genius!

Building Your Personal Business/Brand

During his 20 years in the personal development industry, John has built brands and businesses, worked with or collaborated with industry luminaries (Drs. Wayne Dyer, John Demartini, for example) and pioneered a new leading digital-based business and publishing model. John enjoys sharing his unique know how on coordinating and building one’s leadership while manifesting the brand/business.


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