Hello, John Castagnini here…

Brooklyn-bred badass, technology investor, “connector” of people (as in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point), street-kid turned body/mind healer, mentor, consultant (aka “solutionist”), and visionary entrepreneur. Welcome to my personal website!

About my insatiable need to explore, understand, and share with others the oneness that exists in all things.

It came to me at first as a gut feeling before I could put it into words. I was 17 and we lived in the iconic Canarsie section of Brooklyn. Canarsie is where the movie “Goodfellas” takes place. On Sundays, I’d see mobsters at Holy Family receiving mass. My friends and I had frequent run-ins with the gangs that ruled the streets. These kids were mobster wannabees — they let you know their families were “connected.” To keep my ass from getting kicked, I became a martial-arts maniac.

One day, as I was practicing my katas, after my usual 13-mile run and bench-press warmup, this weird feeling came over me. At first, it tingled all through my body. Then I felt it outside my body, as if I’d become part of an energy field. Next thing I knew, I had a pen in my hand. I can’t exactly say I was writing, it was more like something was writing through me since what came out was far deeper and more insightful than anything I could write or even think of. 

To say the least, this was all very strange and confusing. There I was, trying hard to be a badass. I was supposed be a badass. But my heart had been opened and it radiated love. I experienced a sense of profound inner peace. I was at one with all things.

And I began my journey to understand myself, the human condition, and how we function within the universal design.

As a “Solutionist,” John has helped:

Multiple world-class creatives (filmmakers, actors, musicians, visual artists) overcome severe and even suicidal depression by transforming destructive emotions into inspiration.

Trauma and abuse survivors. Instead of being "victims," they see themselves as stronger, more resilient, more compassionate... heroes who can claim victory.

People with money problems. John helps clients balance their finances AND underlying issues. Some have even gone from hundreds of thousands in debt to creating multi-million dollar businesses.

People who have lost loved ones. John, whose own loss was a turning point, has a gift for helping grievers let go of their grief without letting go of the love they feel for the person who has passed.

Contact John Castagnini

Email: John.Castagnini@thankgodi.com

“My ‘super-power’ is my extended family of people from all over— from thought leaders and lawmakers to prize fighters and rappers, from people with household names to people you’ve never heard of.”