John’s life is dedicated to providing premier education, writing, consulting , training and entertainment to open one’s mind and heart to the presence of their own genius.

Emotional Balance

Finding the hidden blessings in your life and appreciating all that is, exactly as it is.

Unique Genius

Gain access to the wisdom of your inner voice and set your purpose free.

Creative Expression

Evolving and advancing the expression of your life’s mission in the digital age.

Evolving a Community

The Art of Balancing Daily

Introducing a new art form for balancing your daily emotional patterns, helping you find inspiration, clarity and peace so you can live life deeply fulfilled.

Tell Your Story of Thankfulness

As you grow to appreciate the blessings within the adversities you’ve lived, we serve you to tell your heartfelt story, so you can help heal and guide others.

Clarify Your Mission and Brand

Cut through the noise of life and discover your innermost dominant thought, as we guide you to success in the digital age.

The Future of Conscious Commerce

Create, connect and exchange value through innovative apps, games, education, entertainment, products and services, with a cryptocurrency platform that:

  • brings humanity together
  • unites humanity through/in thankfulness
  • brings balance to an imbalanced world

What Others Say About John

“John is intelligent and insightful. While we worked together in the coaching process I sold and delivered a million dollar project. Even better, my consciousness expanded to allow greater understanding of my experience.”

— Nikki Vescovi | Professional Speaker at Dale Carnegie

This book shares the secret wisdom that our greatest transformation often comes from the places we would least expect it; even in our greatest challenges. This is a life-changing, inspiring book. Read it.

— Dr. Joe Vitale | Author of 'Zero Limits' & featured in 'The Secret'

'Making Love with Poetry’ is more than just another insightful series of poems. It is a collection of meaningful messages from the depths of John Castagnini’s heart and soul. You cannot read these gems without contemplating the possibilities of your dreams and your infinite potential.

— Dr. John Demartini | Bestselling Author of The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Development

In  working with John Castagnini I have increased may savings 1000%.

I learned the skills to build my business from a six figure daily grind into the brand that is setting me free to be me..

– Dr. Phil Agrios

John’s Poetry

John’s poetry emerged from his insatiable desire to understand the nature of all that is. Poetry drove him to step into spaces of seemingly infinite contemplation, as naturally as you or I would take our next breath.

Early in his life’s journey, he seriously considered living in the caves in Hawaii spending his days writing poetry. The more he contemplated himself and the mysteries of the universe, the more he realized how much greater value he could create and how much more interesting his poetry would become, if he chose to live within society, instead of apart from it.

He never lost touch with his inner seeker. John realized

recognized that every person, in fact everything he experienced was in fact mirror reflection of himself. While he set out to learn and to serve through connecting with others, he maintained his love of writing poetry – taking all those who read his works on a journey into the expansiveness of the universe and the nature of God.

Much like Gibran, Rumi, and Tzu, John’s poetry is rooted within a quest to understand the infinite oneness that exists within everyone, everything and every moment.

Contact John Castagnini

On his journey to conquer the world with love, he has written two poetry books, and published a remarkable bestselling book series, Thank God I, which has published hundreds of authors, and garnered glowing endorsements from Chicken Soup for the Soul creators, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, as well as Joe Vitale, Barbara De Angelis, Stephen Baldwin, Marci Shimoff and many more.