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Hollywood film Discover The Gift with his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

John Castagnini on ABC and in Discover the Gift

“The worst things in your life can bring the very best out in you.”

Quotes by John Castagnini

“Life is coming to terms with yourself.”

“Our greatest challenge is trying to control our destiny, and in surrendering at the same time.”

“To lift the burdens off your heart – To sail to the sky. This is your journey!”

“Your genius and your stupidity lead straight to one another.”

“The only emotionally abusive relationship that exists, is within oneself.“

“We run away from ourselves… Into one another… Back into ourselves.”

“Words can hide your heart… Words can set you free.”

“Balance your mind, and your heart opens… 

Open your heart and your mind comes to balance. Liberating YOU in presence.”

“Whatever you stand up for – Stands in front of you… 

Whatever you can’t stand – Stands on top of you.”

“Spend less time on where you are going, and more time on where you already ARE!”

“The key to mastery is slowing things down as much as possible, enabling you to move as fast as possible.”

“Remaining free inside, while evolving your societal accountability, IS the game”

“Everyone wants to believe they have magic inside them that they came to share.” 

“Animals and Nature are the greatest healers – Simply bringing you to presence.”

“Nothing is scarier or more liberating than a life without any direction at all!”

 “Believing in everything is the same as believing in nothing…”

“When someone you love dies a part of you does die with them… When someone you love dies, a new part of you is born with them… In this new birth you heal grief and expand as one, together.”

“Most of the time the reasons that we think we do things, are not the real reasons that we do things…”  

“Sometimes the people you love the most, will hate you the most at times…”

“The peace you seek in the world, coincides with the inner peace you discover within yourself.”

“Your dream is contained right within your deepest fear.” 

“Don’t fall in love… Rise in love…”

Women and men will never understand one another. Time to just stop bullshitting ourselves…”

John Castagnini – CEO and Founder  – Discover how the WORST events in your life can bring the very BEST out of you. – ‘Copy your mind’ and communicate beyond your lifetime – A.I.

Speaker / Consultant

Emotional Equilibrium – Emotions are a double edged sword. Joy, bliss and compassion  are the elixir of life. Meanwhile depression, anxiety, grief and hatred can bury you alive. But what if your ‘positive’ emotions weren’t so ‘positive’ and your ‘negative’ emotions weren’t so negative?  In actuality EVERYTHING has two sides. The Challenges of life can lead us to a breakdown or a breakthrough. Finding equilibrium inside yourself is the key becoming adaptable in order to access your very best.

Using his Equilibration™  process, John has spent twenty plus years helping people attune to their heart, in bringing ‘sensibility’ to their emotional ‘volatility’.

Accessing Your Creative Genius – We all experience moments of desperation and moments of inspiration throughout our lives. In many ways, our state of mind determines our destiny. Maintaining a more consistent  state of inspiration helps us clarify our individual mission, vision and purpose. With such clarity, our genius ‘finds us’. John shares how to use the skill of Equilibration™ to elevate your state of mind, helping you to access the wisdom of your ‘inner voice’ – where you free your ‘creative genius’.

Brand Creation

Answering, “Who am I?”, to yourself with certainty opens the world to you.  Effectively communicating your unique identity to the market brilliantly is a brand’s TOP priority. People do not have time to waste. A mixed message annihilates many brands. John specializes in helping corporate founders dig beneath the surface, tune into their unique identity in order to communicate their ‘brand message’.  As acting CBO, John created the brand identity for ThankGodi and PosterityPlus. John loves the deep thinking and creative artistry that goes into unveiling brand identity… He takes on select clients, mainly “conscious brands” to assist them in identifying their brand  identity and their Unique Selling Proposition.


Twenty years ago, I almost decided to write poetry and live off the land of Kauai asamy lifepath. There are days now, I wish, I had. Rumi, Gibran, Emerson, Simon and Lennon – Their words stimulated my mind deeply enough to ‘tune into something’ beyond… My poetry reflects the ‘battle’ between my brain and my heart, in making sense of this world as I explore the ‘great mystery of being’.


Publishing ThankGodi Stories

Do you have a personal story that you would love to share with the world? The ThankGodi Publishing team can help you write and publicize your personal story of how you discovered gratitude for that, which once tore your life apart. Click here for more information to learn how the ThankGodi publishing team can help you share your story with the world.

Consultations on Brand Inception and Identity

High-brow thinking is the key to position yourself for success within today’s highly competitive international online marketplace. Effectively communicating your differentiation has never been more important. Through deep questioning and contemplation, John specializes in helping you to pull out of yourself the genius of your brand.

Consultations – Equilibration™ (The Key to Transformation)

Calming your emotional volatility to a centred state of being empowers you. In a state of balanced presence you break addictive patterns, maximize your health, overcome life challenges, discover your unique purpose and unleash your creative genius. John has practiced Equilibration™ for decades and helped countless people to do the same. Equilibration™ IS the game changer. Click here for more information to learn how Equilibration™ can help you master your life.

Please Note: John’s private, one-on-one consults are on a limited basis, and must be scheduled at least two weeks beforehand.


John speaks on how to apply the Universal Principle of Equilibrium in one’s life on a daily basis, which is the key to the liberation of your unique genius and in turn, your Peak Performance.

John obtained his College degree in Biology and he achieved the Dean’ s List in Chiropractic College. His studies span theoretical Physics, Philosophy as well as multiple Sciences. Click here for more information to learn how John can assist you and your organization to lead.

What Others Say About John

“John is intelligent and insightful. While we worked together in the coaching process I sold and delivered a million dollar project. Even better, my consciousness expanded to allow greater understanding of my experience.”

— Nikki Vescovi | Professional Speaker at Dale Carnegie

'Making Love with Poetry’ is more than just another insightful series of poems. It is a collection of meaningful messages from the depths of John Castagnini’s heart and soul. You cannot read these gems without contemplating the possibilities of your dreams and your infinite potential.

— Dr. John Demartini | Bestselling Author of The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Development

This book shares the secret wisdom that our greatest transformation often comes from the places we would least expect it; even in our greatest challenges. This is a life-changing, inspiring book. Read it.

— Dr. Joe Vitale | Author of 'Zero Limits' & featured in 'The Secret'

I was dealing with 13 year custody battle. Then John called out of the blue. I committed to rigorous weekly equilibration training. Five months later my son called asking to have lunch with me on my birthday. He was sorry for the pain he caused me. I am in grateful allowance that this is perfect mother-son relationship for us for now.

— Allana Pratt | Intimacy and Relationchip Expert

In working with John Castagnini I have increased my savings 1000%.

I learned the skills to build my business from a six figure, daily grind into the brand that is setting me free, to be me..

– Dr. Phil Agrios

John’s Poetry

John’s poetry emerged from his insatiable desire to understand the nature of existence.

Poetry drove John to step into spaces of continuous contemplation, as naturally as you or I would take our next breath.

Early in his life’s journey, John seriously considered living alone in the caves in Hawaii, spending his days and nights writing poetry. The more he contemplated himself and the mysteries of the universe, the more he realized how much greater value he could create and how much more interesting his poetry would become, if he chose to write as he built a life within society, instead of apart from it.

While John set out to serve through connecting with others and build businesses, he always maintained his love of writing poetry – taking all those who read his works, on his journey into the expansiveness of the Universe – exploring his conceptual experience of ‘GOD’.

Much like his mentors Gibran, Rumi, and Tzu, John’s poetry is rooted within a quest to understand the infinite oneness that exists within everyone, everything and every moment.

Making Love with Poetry

Making Love with Poetry

Millions of thoughts pass through us each day. In-between these thoughts, hide the gems of the higher mind, threading jewels of the heart.

Every word in ‘Making Love with Poetry’ explores these in-between moments. Each word is a step deeper on my trek into being.

I have found this being, to be a cyclical return to love. I believe that we all ARE this love in the making. These words are my being…These words make my love.

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Between Angels and Devils

Between Angels and Devils

Our angels and devils rule our lives, most of the time…

In-between our fantasies (our Angels) and our nightmares, (our Demons) we become present with what IS, by letting go of what we once believed – WAS.

In-between our Angels and Devils we find our higher selves IN the moment. In each of these poems, I explore my Angels and Demons – to transcend where WE discover I, and I discover WE…

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On his journey to conquer the world with love, he has written two poetry books, and published a remarkable bestselling book series, Thank God I, which has published hundreds of authors, and garnered glowing endorsements from Chicken Soup for the Soul creators, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, as well as Joe Vitale, Barbara De Angelis, Stephen Baldwin, Marci Shimoff and many more.